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Dr. Richard Saladino, Lakewood Ranch Chiropractor

Chiropractic care in Bradenton, FloridaWHO REQUIRES DR. SALADINO’S PROFESSIONAL OPINION?

An Independent Chiropractic Examiner (ICE) is required by a variety of professionals including;

    • Attorneys (defense & plaintiff)
    • Claims adjusters
    • Medical Claims Managers
    • Workers’ Compensation Board Commissioners
    • Employers

Dr. Saladino is an essential resource for Case Management professionals. He is committed to providing impartial and thorough assessments to enhance the evaluation process and produce beneficial results for all involved, including the examinee.

If you are an Adjuster who suspects chiropractic over-utilization, and require a second opinion, Dr. Saladino will provide a paper case review, or an independent medical examination, and investigate your concerns.

If you are an Attorney, perhaps you suspect a clients early termination of treatment by another independent chiropractic opinion. Dr. Saladino’s professional opinion may be valuable in re-establishing the need for further care for the patient, therefore allowing the patient to resume treatment. Dr. Saladino will also provide medically necessary care to your clients. His care will be substantiated by proper documentation.

If you are a Worker's Compensation Case Manager, treatment may be provided by Dr. Saladino within strict treatment guidelines, or render an opinion on return to work-status, light-duty work status, or permanent impairment or disability.


The American Board of Independent Medical Examiners (ABIME) is a quality assurance organization established by the AMA to produce uniform standards of competency for licensed physicians who conduct independent medical examinations.

ABIME identifies physicians who meet specific criteria for education, training and experience requirements, and demonstrate competency by passing a rigorous national examination.

Eligibility requirements include:

• A record CLEAR of any disciplinary action imposed by any state chiropractic board
• No malpractice ever
• Lengthy practice term
• History of providing over 500 independent medical
• Impartialand thorough assessments

Dr. Saladino possesses necessary medical skill and training in physical, behavioral, psychological and occupational assessment. He draws upon 18 years of in-depth experience to perform credible evaluations, provide thorough, objective, written analysis regarding diagnosis, causation, prognosis, maximum medical improvement, impairment, work capacity, appropriateness of care and care management.

Dr. Saladino will

• Testify as a qualified medical witness
• Recognize the value of impartiality
• Conduct timely and cost-effective evaluations
• Abide by strict ethical guidelines
• Exhibit professional excellence and integrity
• Perform private lectures to educate your staff on various topics, at your request.

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